Quiet and Powerful Ventilators

Fogo Montanha fires have high-performance tangential ventilators that ensure an optimal heat distribution across the room and a total quiet operation so that you can actually hear the wood burning!

Clean Glass Technology

The Fogo Montanha fire stoves are known for their high performance. The air circulation inside ensures that the glasses are always clean during the stove operation. You will only see the difference once you try it.

Top Quality Steel Plate

The Fogo Montanha fire stoves are manufactured from steel plate with up to 8mm thickness, and selected from top quality metal sheets, for a perfect finishing.

Heat resistant Interior

Parts in direct contact with the fire are mostly made from vermiculite , for long-term durability, high heating power, low firewood consumption and low CO emission.

Self Cleaning System

A system that regularly injects high pressure air into the burner to remove any accumulated debris thus cleaning the burning basket, allowing more burning hours, with less maintenance.

Air Flow Sensor

The Air Flow Sensor automatically increases or reduces the air inflow during the burning process, enabling the optimisation of the combustion process. In case of faulty extraction, your unit will go into safety mode.

Green Air Technology

Green Air Technology represents a constructive innovation presenting devices with high performance and energy efficiency. the air for the combustion may be provided from the outside of your home and be channelled through the unit ensuring that the air is pre-heated before entering the combustion chamber. The air entrances controlled in three distinct areas allow perfect combustion results.

Closed Combustion System

This solution allows a separation between the air in your house - which is heated by the fire stove - and the air used for burning wood in your fire stove. This is particularly effective in highly insulated homes because it ensures that none of the required air is drawn from within the household.

Triple Combustion

Triple combustion ensures a perfect combustion and a beautiful flame that you will love to watch. the air used for burning wood is fully controlled and injected into selected areas, when and where is most needed. For a perfect, efficient and beautiful fire.

Smartphone optional control

The new Fogo Montanha products can be controlled by a smartphone, needing only an app and a Wi-Fi kit that allows to connect to a thermostat (not included). This technology allows you to control your equipment from anywhere in the world.

Remote Control

The pellet stoves remote control allows you to turn your equipment on and off as well as regulate the temperature. When it comes to pellet inserts, the remote control is much more versatile, allowing you to perform various configurations. All within the reach of a single click.

Programmable Display

This Touch Screen is the most complete solution for handling your equipment, allowing you to check and configure various options, such as smoke temperature, operating hours, thermostat, among others.